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January 28, 2013
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“I’m finished!” you cried triumphantly, just before collapsing to the ground from exhaustion.

Suddenly, an ear-splitting noise came from just besides you. You groaned slightly. Germany.

“Oi! [Name]! What are you doing on the ground?!” Ludwig cried sternly, whistle still in his mouth.

“I’m… Resting…” You panted. “I… Finished… The… Laps…”

A slight smile appeared on the man’s lips, but he quickly pushed it away. “Well, get up.” He said.

“N-no! Don’t make me run again! Please! Per favore!” you pleaded. Ludwig let out a quick laugh.

“Don’t worry, [Name],” he said, “I just want you to go get my megaphone from my room. You know, because Italy is slacking off again.” He said.

You sighed in relief. He didn’t want you to run anymore laps, thankfully.

“Understood!” you cried, giving him a quick salute as well, just before running off to the house.

You entered his room and looked around. The megaphone wasn’t in plain sight, but that was to be expected. Ludwig was the most organized person you knew, and heck, you knew a lot of people.

“Well, I guess that I should start looking around.” You said cheerfully, before kneeling down and looking through his drawers.

Well, the megaphone wasn’t in the drawers, that’s for sure. But you did find something else. Your eyes widened as you found some strange magazines. Being the curious person you are, you decided to flip through them quickly, just to quench your interest.

Your eyebrows knitted in confusion as you looked at the pictures, and finally decided to put it back where you found it.

That being done, you checked in his closet, found the megaphone easily, and went back down to the others.


“Dear Lord, please watch over Italy and Japan and Germany…” you said softly. You were in your flowy nightgown, kneeling besides your bed, deep in your bed night prayer.

Germany, who was just so passing your room on the way to the bathroom couldn’t help but overhear your “cute”, and very innocent little prayer.

“And please, send clothing to all the poor women who can’t afford clothes in Germany’s magazines. Amen.”
This is one of my first Hetalia fanfics ever, so sorry if it's bad - I've improved in those six months! Anyways, this has Germany's 'closet-pervert' thing in it, so... yeah~

I don't own Hetalia, but I do own this story!

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FrostBlade150 Jan 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
PFFT I WANNA LAUGH SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!! XD But it's past midnight and eveyone's sleeping-ish XD XD
That was so cute and funny :3
The last line XD
I can only imagine Germany's reaction to it - certainly priceless, I hope! xP
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